Here Are Some of Our Friends

Shoreline of Tahoe is a small but very well run shop of good guys like Ken. If you are in the south lake go check out their store. They clearly think about the consumer instead of their relationships with Vendors and it shows in what they offer.  If I were to run a snowboard shop there wouldn’t be much I’d change here. Well done!!

P3 is a great local shop. They have great boards, boots and bindings to demo and have more demo’s per capita than most’s shop out there.  No arrogance, no salesmanship, just nice people who love to ride. If you go to Mammoth check this shop out. They are a great example of how a local shop can be a great buyer experience for the average consumer.

Wave Rave has hands down the largest selection of gear in Mammoth and rivals many of the largest shops out there.  They carry a ton of shit! They also have a good amount of boards for demo so check them out if you are in Mammoth.

Pascal takes some good beach to mountain based lifestyle photos and you should check him out.

Cloudline Tours takes a unique approach to hitting up Japan for the light and deep.  JP knows Japan well and spend 20 years there so you will find yourself in unique places off the map. Cloudline also gives you a taste of the culture, the food and people as well.


Snowboard Addiction
These guys are the best when it comes to online tutorials and they also have some pretty cool learning tools to help people get better. They really have this dialed.  Their videos are better than some lessons I took.

This is a blog related to the shop Milo Sport which is a great shop in SLC.  I’ve been there a few times and really like how they run things there. They have been around forever too and there is lot’s of cool history there.

The guide to winter in Western Canada, SnowSeekers is an e-news magazine that profiles over 30 destinations in Alberta and British Columbia. Through editorials, photos, and SnowSeekers TV, this new-media company provides you with everything you need to maximize your winter vacation.

This is another good resource for snowboard reviews, especially backcountry, and also a lot more than just snowboarding.  Mike (creator) truly lives the dream. He snowboards in the winter, surfs, follows music he loves and put’s it all up on this site.


Drop In Chalets

I’d like to say I stayed here but I can’t afford to even fly there. Still this is a nice place and Karl (supporter of the good ride) works there and is a really nice guy. I can’t imagine a stay going wrong here if Karl has your back. So if you are going to Ski in Europe try to book with them.  Also the accommodations look amazing.



We like what they are doing and support their save our snow efforts. Maybe because of them my future grand daughter will be able to share what I love so much.

Another source for reviews and it’s always good to get additional perspectives.


Local Freshies

Local Freshies provides the “local scoop” for ski towns throughout North America so that visitors and residents can fully experience what each unique town has to offer.  From news, stories and event coverage while supporting local businesses towns we want everyone to feel like a local where ever they go.


Snowboarding Holidays

Snowboarding holidays is a blog from the UK about taking snowboard vacations. With most information about where to go boarding and reviews of resorts, accommodation, travel operators and some snowboarding gear.  The operator of the web site is a nice guy who snowboards.


Split Board Reviews

We don’t have a backcountry focus so this is a good resource.



Thom is an Adventure Seeker / Life Liver and a pretty nice guy who likes to blog it up. Check it out.


Crazy Snowboarder

Another good for snowboard gear reviews.



Sevenyearswinter is a site dedicated to snowboarders who love to travel, become enriched in different cultures and see the entire mountain as skate-able terrain.


Snowboarding 101
Super nice guy who is passionate about snowboarding and makes great videos to pass on the knowledge he accrues to you.


I live near Heavenly and ride a lot here…especially the NV side.  It’s people like Jessica in the Pass Department and the nice/funny lifties that make riding here fun. Thanks!


Paranoid Fabrications

Paranoid Fabrications isn’t exactly in the snowboard industry but lets face it.  Most of us drive Subaru’s and they are one of the better choices for getting up and down the mountain safely.  If you own an Impreza and want a little lift to get a little more clearance Paranoid Fabrications does a good job at getting you up a little higher without too much money and effort. Paranoid also sells some other Subaru Accessories.


Santa Monica Subaru

I (editor) don’t live anywhere near Santa Monica but found they are one of the best Subaru Dealerships out there. I treat my car buying like I treat gear whoring for snowboard gear and found after extensive research that they were the easiest for me to deal with. No typical BS you normally find and a very easy sales process is all about Santa Monica Suby.  Good on ya guys!


Galpin Subaru

I’m a long time Subaru owner and unlike snowboards there aren’t many options or competitors when it comes to good all wheel drive wagons. I don’t know what is going on with SoCal for so many other things but I must say that my experience with most Suby dealerships in this area are truly great. They seem to hire a better class of sales person.  I met with Josh Balyan and his supervisor Will (forgot last name).  Both guys were a breath of fresh air in the dealership world.  They are stoked on what they sell, honest and straight forward.


Michael Hohl Subaru

Another great place to buy a Subaru and what really did it for me is their service and parts department. Celso is all class and a great guy to bring your car to. I have complete trust with him and he always makes sure my Outback is ready for a long winter of driving in remote areas. Also Nick in Parts is great, honest and very easy to work with.

A great resource for snowboarding gear reviews from a females perspective. Shay is always is trying something new and is incredibly passionate about riding. We link to many of her reviews to give you an alternative opinion.