Liquid Image Apex HD Goggle 2014 - 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Liquid Image Apex HD Goggle is unique and is a cool idea but any piece of gear that does 2 things can sometimes do them both OK but not great. This is a good idea and it works pretty well but the only issue with us that was a bit of a deal breaker is the size of the straps….especially when using this with a helmet.  If you don’t wear a helmet it can work but if you do be wary.

Here is some video footage of Jimbo and I early spring. 

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There is added weight so that makes for something that could be uncomfortable compared to the average goggle.  You are also limited to the lens options that Liquid Image offers which are ok but nothing really diverse.  Also, you only have one shooting angle.  If you only like taking videos from your helmet this is the best option because people might not even notice you have a camera it’s so in line with your normal look. There is no need to carry a small box around on your helmet. This is also pretty cheap for a pair of goggles and a camera.  With this price, you could even get another camera for a monopod for other angles.  A heavy google will sit hard on your nose will become annoying to some over the course of the day. Some might not care. You also can’t check your videos to see if they suck or not. Another thing is you have a little read out in the center of your goggles that blinks when it is on.  So as your riding, you have a little light show going on in your goggles.  This could be cool for some but for others, this can be very annoying. The battery life is about 1.5-2hrs which isn’t very long compared to the other cameras so you have to be sparing with what you film. The upgrade to 1080p HD is solid.  It’s right there with every camera except the GoPro Hero 3 Black. Also, the video angle isn’t super fisheye so you can get close to friends and film them as well as not have steep runs look like beginner runs.  Also for the price, this is pretty awesome and you save a lot of money over buying let’s say a Go Pro and a decent set of Goggles at around $100.

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