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I normally review snowboard gear but I had to gab about the Moment Wide Angle Lens a bit.  With the Moment Wide Angle Lens I can’t notice any rounding on the sides or any loss of image/video quality.  It seems unique to this price point and really helpful for an armature video guy like myself. Also, some of my friends who make vids for a living are amped on this product as well.  It’s a major factor in making my Samsung S5 a perfect compliment to my action camera for stationary filming at the bottom of the hill. I’ve also found it to take much better/wider close-up pictures and vids in everyday life.

Image and Video Quality:

Here are some indoor vid’s I took in low light after unboxing this to give you an idea of how the Moment Wide Angle Lens works, compares to competitors and even lenses way above its price range.

Samsung Galaxy S5 without the Moment Lens

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Moment Wide Angle Lens


Samsung Galaxy S5 with Olio Clip- I returned this a while ago so I can’t do the same shot as I did with the other cams but as you can see it has focusing issues and doesn’t look anywhere near as sharp or accurate as the Moment.


This is my Canon HF G10 with the $400 Canon WD-H58W Wide angle Converter. You can see the video quality is better than my Galaxy S5 (for the price I hope so!) but the wide angle lens bends things that should be straight.


Just for shits and giggles here is the Sony HDR-AZ1 Mini Cam that I’ll use for filming people ride. As you can see the video quality is good but it fish eyes a good amount and the sound is poor for talking about gear at the bottom of the hill.


It’s easy to get a decent action cam to film when riding but it hasn’t been easy to find a good normal wide angle cam for nonfish eye vids of us talking about the gear after we rode it.  I have always had these needs for our on snow video reviews.

1. Small enough to fit in a jacket pocket because I don’t want to lug around a heavy nice camera in a backpack when demoing boards. I want to ride the boards like I normally would and not loaded down with gear like I’m headed for the backcountry.

2. Good sound quality….well that’s not a reality but just something that can block mountain wind noise so you can hear what we are saying.

3. A wide-angle lens to film in tight spots, show more of the gear and to also help get better sound by being up close.

The combo of the Galaxy S5 and Moment Wide Angle Lens fixes 2 1/2 out of the 3 issues.  I think I also found a way to block wind noise with the phone too thanks to some helpful vids out there so it makes the S5/Moment Lens combo the best option.

I’m not a camera expert and don’t ever want to be but I’ve gone through tons of water-resistant compact cameras over the years. Here is a short list of recent cameras.

Sony TX 5, Sony TX 20, Sony TX 30, Panasonic DMC TS5, Panasonic HX-WA03, Olympus TG 850, and a few other cameras I can’t remember.

All of these cameras except for the TG 850 required me to step back pretty far. Now the TG 850 came close but the video quality wasn’t very easy to watch. The video kind of warbled and looked like we were about to enter The Matrix so it was hard to watch it.   You can see what I’m talking about in the on a snow video review of the Thrive Accomplice.

What I recently found out is my water-resistant Samsung Galaxy S5 had about the same or better video quality than some or all of these cameras so it led me to think that maybe for the first time since I started this site I wouldn’t have to carry a phone, waterproof camera and action camera in my jacket for reviews. Simplifying my life while not losing video quality is very appealing.  I tried a bunch of wide angle lenses.

1. I tried a bunch of cheap case/lens combos.  They were all a joke and I got what I paid for. They made the videos look foggy and had some fisheye effect going on.

2. Then I tried the Olio Clip which was pretty good but you could see some rounding of straight stuff in the videos and the quality was slightly off.  Also, you couldn’t use a protective case with it as you can with Moment lenses so that was a deal breaker right out of the box as most of these phones aren’t super impact resistant so I feel much more comfortable with a wide angle lens.

3. Then came the Moment Wide Angle Lens.  Not only did the quality of the video stay the same but now I see twice as much through the lens which makes this phone/camera combo better than any outdoor compact cam I could buy.  Combine that with a good case and I’m set.  I have tried 5+ cases not on the list and pretty much all of them fit around this low profile mounting plate so chances are your case will work with this clip. Now, this Moment lens is so good I couldn’t tell that I had a wide angle lens on.  Everything seems straight to me. Granted I’m not an expert on video equipment or how lenses work but all I can say is the angle was wider but looked like a normal camera.  Now here is the real kicker.  I have a Canon Vixia HF G10 camcorder with a $400 canon wd-h58w wide angle lens for indoor video reviews and the $99 Moment Lens is better.  This blows my mind.  I wish they made wide angle lenses for more than just Cell Phones because it’s clear even from a nontechnical consumer like me that they know really well what they are doing.

Installation: Super easy and I usually fuck up mounting something like the mounting plate that comes with the lens on right but it felt like it lined itself up.

So here are a few minor drawbacks:

1. The lens is heavy and awkward on the camera.  It’s better to put it on when you need it and take it off when you don’t.  The quality is so good that I don’t care though because I’m already getting pics and vids that are soo much better in close quarters.

2.  The mount doesn’t feel like it could hold up if you choose to film while riding.  This isn’t really what it’s for but if you choose to do it you might tear off the adhesive plate off the phone and lose the lens in the snow.  It’s much more of a stationary kind of lens.  This is a shame because I love this wide-angle frame much much better than the fisheye look that all the action cams have.  It makes me think what if they did this for a compact waterproof camera like the ones I tried above.  It could be an amazing camera for putting on a monopod to film yourself or your buddies and people who watched the video could see what the terrain actually looked like. Normally it makes steep runs look flat and with the Moment Wide Angle Lens, It would look much more accurate. Then you could keep the POV cameras for just mounting on your helmet (if you wanted) for those days you want to be hands-free. So as you can tell #2’s gripe is more of a what if for their future but not a true gripe because it’s not what it was designed to do.


So all in all this is one of the best accessories I have come across for a cell phone. The nonfish eye or even lack of a slight bend is truly amazing.  There is also no loss of quality so it makes this lens a no brainer. It’s even better than my Prosumer expensive Canon HF G10 camcorder.  It was so well done it inspired me to write this review…even though this is a snowboard gear site.

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