Olympus TG-860 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Olympus TG-860 Waterproof Camera is very unique and because of that uniqueness, I overlooked its mid-range Video and Image quality.  It’s a good camera for those looking to have a point and shoot camera but also have it double as a decent action camera.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

All these images are optimized and not in the original file size so they don’t slow down the page.

Here are some Images From the Olympus TG-860.  

P4140039-OptimizedP3270001-OptimizedTG 860 Pic-Optimized







TG-860 Mono

TG-860 Bacon

TG-860 Mtn


















So here are some pics from my Samsung Galaxy S5 with a Moment Wide Angle Lens in the first 2 and then without in the 3rd. 


20150327_065804-OptimizedS5 pic-Optimized








S5 Mono

S5 Bacon

S5 Mtn


















Here are some Images from the Sony DSC-HX50V which is a camera that costs about $70 more.

Sony HX50V MonoSony HX50V BaconSony HX50V Mtn
















As you can see there isn’t much difference between the S5 and TG-860 and I’d say the S5 is even a little better.  The Sony HX50V is noticeably better than both. I thought the TG-860 would be noticeably better than my S5 Camera Phone but I actually prefer the S5 pics better. I actually prefer the low light pics with the S5 over the TG-860 and the normal light pics are close.


Here are some vids from the TG-860 vs. the Samsung S5

I personally felt the S5 had a little better medium to low light performance.


So what it came down to for me was I needed 3 features that a Samsung S5 with a Moment Wide Angle Lens couldn’t provide.  

1. Good Wind Noise Reduction– The S5’s mono mic really is a wind magnet and the lightest breeze almost eliminates the ability to hear anyone speak. Even with a filter over it, it’s still not very good.

2. Flip Screen– The S5 doesn’t have a flip screen so you can’t see what’s going on as you film.  You can use the 3mb front cam but it’s nothing close to the primary cam or the Tg-860’s cam.

3. Good Cold Weather Performance– There isn’t a cold weather rating for the S5 and it had issues in weather under 20 degrees F.

So all in all this isn’t a bad cam. If they upped the sensor quality this could be a really great camera. I wouldn’t object to them canceling the TG-3 and just putting more tech into this and bump the price.

Olympus TG-860 Images

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